Warface is the new free FPS by Crytek games and will have the same graphics engine as Crysis 2 and Crysis 3.

Warface will have two gameplay modes:

PvP: the classic Team Deathmatch where players are divided into two teams and kill each other to get the best result recorded is usually the number of murders that have occurred or surplus determined in the head and try losing less bullets in a shootout (in this case, calls on the skills of the player). One of the peculiarities of this title is the ability to handle the rise all over the map, but rather, the ability to glide as in Crysis 2.

Player vs Environment: in this case, players are invited to complete together against the AI of the mission, the idea is a little Cooperative battlefield 3 and Call of Duty. The difference is that the mode will change every day as it is changed and there are points where teamwork may be necessary. For example, in a shootout before you can not, due to enemy fire and continue to give us shoot all the time, fire protection, while our comrades to leave the enemy to take him aside to the streets and free.

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