Air Racing

Well, it’s already happening, and most airline pilots and military pilots assumed it eventually would. Pilots are being replaced by unmanned aerial vehicles. And this makes sense because even though flying aircraft requires a lot of skill, we also have the capability of programming computer systems to do the same thing, and in many cases they can do it better. Okay so let’s go and talk about this for a moment, and I’d like to address the future of autonomous aircraft at air shows and air races.

To start, flying aerobatics is dangerous, it’s also very taxing on the body, heart, and on the aircraft, and accidents do occur. Anyone who’s been involved in aviation over the years has most likely had friends who were killed doing aerobatics. I have had several acquaintances, and a couple of close friends who have died this way. Yes, I’ve also reasoned that they died doing something they loved, but that doesn’t make it more tragic.

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