The paladin class of the famous online game world of Warcraft is considered as a hybrid class. This class is combined with super competitive melee skills with a full command of buffing and healing spells. Paladin has a powerful ability to make spell into a raid or party group. However the melee buffs let you have more damage while attacking, and defensive capabilities permit the paladin to last for a long time. Exclusively you will also have all of these capabilities while playing World of Warcraft PVP.

A paladin in the World of Warcraft has great power and so great responsibilities. The responsibilities include giving support to the main dealer of the damage, main healer or the secondary healer, tank that has deal with protecting other tanks, healer of the raid group. And it’s you who will take command over the specific power setting of the Paladin. And also you have to do it very carefully and attentively as there are many options to handle. Different weapons and abilities can be set to the Paladin character for specific situations in the World of Warcraft.

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