Dota 2

Dota is a game that is played over the internet by a large number of people in online cyber around the world. The first strategy requires that you identify the opponents and the characters they use. By doing so, it is very easy to know the tactics to use and counteract them effectively. Secondly, you should never underestimate your opponent and don’t at any given time lose the battle like many gamers do, leaving the valuable gold to the opponent. It is good to note that it is more advantageous to scoop as much gold as possible during the early playing moments. Dominating the game during the early moments a player has the power and motivation to continue with the game in a game like dota allstars.

To determine which party has more lanes, last hit is the key feature of consideration. It is this last key that should be concentrated upon in order to scoop sufficient gold that is needed to acquire all the powerful items that will enable you to stay ahead of the game. It is also good to use the timing as a technique by hitting at the right time without any delays. It is also good to practice on the creep blocking so as to perfect it because you are supposed to deal with AI and the patterns keeps changing each time. Blocking assists one to be nearer the tower which is a safe stand. Since dota depends on teamwork, there should be effective communication throughout the game. Team members should warn each other incase of attacks to avoid ambushes especially in the dota allstars game.

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