Hang Gliding

Soaring silently head first thousands of feet in the air attached to what is essentially a big kite. If this is not enough to constitute a great adventure to you, here are some more reasons for you to try hang gliding.

1. Hang gliding is easy to learn. You can go soaring within the day of your learning. The activity involves “weight shift” similar to skis, bikes and skates. Mastering balancing in hang gliding is similar to that of riding a bike, it is all about practice. Controlled abilities of endurance, balance and light touch is all you need apart from safety knowledge.

2. Altitude. How often can you go up to 6,000ft in the air and stay there for up to 12 hours? Of course that would be part of cross country gliding, none the less; you still get to go up at altitudes not commonly visited and soar in the skies. Something you do not get to do at work.

3. Sense the Freedom. Flying has always been synonymous to freedom, that sense of liberation of being airborne. Hang gliding makes this feat of improbability possible. The mere fact that you are soaring almost similarly as how the birds do it makes you feel like a released being that has been in captivity of the daily toil on solid ground.

4. It is something that you have on your “to do” list. Whether you spend a lot of time pondering on the possibility of free flight, or you just sometimes wish that you could be like those birds that fly at their own whim, one thing is certain, almost everyone has that dream of an aerial feat. You just have to fly, before the sky runs out, or your bones get brittle. Hang gliding provides the whimsical feeling of free flying and you are just one of the millions who have that on their bucket list waiting to get crossed out. It’s time you did.

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