Sky Surfing

Surfing is a great exercise but it is very important to maintain a varied fitness exercise training program on top of surfing. Surfing fitness exercises will enhance your performance and overall enjoyment of the sport. The Surfing Exercises and Workouts we will be recommending are designed to deliver additional balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance to each session. Please make certain of your level of fitness before attempting a new exercise or routine.

As Surfers we may not realize we are athletes, and realizing this may be a shock. After all, how could that much fun be considered a “Sport”? I know I did not realize it for years. Surfing got into my blood and took over my whole being like an addiction when I was twelve, 1958. Yes, I am over 60, just as stoked as ever and fit enough to surf every day. Like everyone I have suffered some setbacks but I have always maintained my fitness so I could surf which has rewarded me with a healthy life and a young outlook on life.

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