Some sport historians suggested that golf evolved from earlier sports involving a ball and a club in Europe and the entire Mediterranean basin. This game dates back to 943 AD in records written by Wei Tai of the Song Dynasty. The name of the game of this ancient golf sport is unknown. One interpretation says that his game of golf involved striking the ball until it reached a specific goal marked on the ground.

This image seems to indicate its popularity. This medieval golf game originated in a form of practice indulged by hurley players in places which they visited to play an ‘away match. This painted glass window was made in the 13th century. Other interpretations say that this game of golf was a competition between opponents with one attacking and one defending. One of these games was called Cambuca in England in the 1300s. It was a ball and club game that is very similar to modern golf. Golf is a popular sport for young and old and for players with wealthy and middle class backgrounds. The Egyptians probably brought this ancient game of golf to the Mediterranean area which was a flourishing marketplace. According to official records, golf originated during the 1400s from a game played on the North Eastern cost of Scotland.

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