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“No Play, No Learning – Know Play, Know Learning”

– Sherry and Donna

Sherry and Donna

We are Sherry Hutton and Donna Ridley. We taught preschool together for many years in Melbourne, Australia and together we welcome you to ‘Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning’.

Our blog is designed to inspire and assist Teachers who follow a Developmental Curriculum, Tertiary Students of the Early Childhood Sector and Parents and Carers of children in the Early Years.

Our aim is to share realistic, age appropriate and engaging learning ideas which have inspired our kindergarten children over the years, who’s imaginations, creativity and love of learning have in turn inspired us.

Through our Education Directory we give you a sneak peak inside many different Early Learning Environments, from Pre-kinder through to Primary School where you will gain new ideas and plenty of inspiration to create irresistible play spaces of your own.

At Irresistible Ideas, our play based philosophy is – “play based learning is teaching the children as they like to learn – through play.”

As teachers of early childhood we believe:

  • Play based learning is active learning, which is developmentally correct for every child.
  • Play is the basis of all children’s learning.
  • Each child’s play experience is unique.
  • Learning should involve long uninterrupted periods of open-ended play.
  • Learning experiences should be presented in an irresistible way.
  • Play Based Learning does not replace intentional teaching – rather it compliments and enhances it.
  • There is no right or wrong in children’s play … there is just play!

We therefore invite you to come and explore ‘Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning’ as there is something in here for everybody.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sherry & Donna

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