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::: taking PLAY seriously

If YOU want to learn about the importance of PLAY from the most knowledgeable PLAY expert in the country then you will want to attend a Marc Armitage professional development session … It’s as plain and simple as that!

Marc offers 2-Hour Twilight Lectures and Full Day Seminars and is available all over Australia … Please email Donna at for further details.

Marc Armitage at Play 2

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For more details Be sure to check out the Malarkey Website and our Facebook pages … Malarkey and Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning

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2 Responses to “taking PLAY seriously”

  1. avatar Brendon Ross says:

    Was privileged enough to attend one of these awhile back and I must say that he does a fantastic job and I learned TONS. Highly recommended!


  2. This looks very interesting! Playtime may seem to be informal but children can learn so much from it. It’s just right to take play seriously in order to make the most of it while enjoying! Thanks for sharing!

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