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::: on the road again for Australialand Tour 2!

Marc Armitage is back in Australia for Tour 2!

Marc’s expertise is children and play … He says – “As adults we make a lot of assumptions about children – about what they can do, what they can’t do. About where they spend their free time and what they do there. Very often those assumptions are wrong. It is common to hear adults say that children of today simply do not know how to play anymore – it isn’t true; people say the traditional games that I remember playing as a child just are not around anymore – this isn’t true; and people say children much prefer screen time to playing out – I’m here to tell you this isn’t true either. If we want to understand children and their wider social lives we need to know and understand what they ‘do’ – not what we think they do, or what we would like them to do, but what they actually do in those places and those times in which they have control over their own choices. This can only be done by actively exploring – especially exploring those times and those places in which there are usually no adults present – the journey to and from school; recess time; the time after school; time at home away from parents; etc. The thing that children and young people do more than any otherthing when adults are not watching … is play!”

The success of Tour 1 has blown us all away. Twenty seven PD Sessions attended by over one thousand participants in seven weeks is a BIG success in anyones book.  During Tour 1/2013 Marc’s message on PLAY was shared with people in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and because it has been so well received he is very excited to be back and doing it all again in South Australia, Western Australia and at the Inspired EC Conference in Shoal Bay New South Wales during Tour 2!

But don’t worry Northern Territiry, Tasmania and New Zealand,

he is coming to you in Tour three in October and November 2013!

We cannot express highly enough the excellent quality of professional development Marc’s presentations deliver. Donna had the great privilege of traveling with Marc on his maiden Australian tour in 2012 and is thrilled to be accompanying him once again in 2013, this time as his PA, and his message STILL blows her away every time she hears it!

Not only is Marc highly experienced, knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to talking about play and children, he is extremely personable, engaging, down to earth and funny in his presentations … just don’t tell him we said all these nice things about him okay!!

We are constantly receiving emails and messages from people who attended PD session with Marc during his maiden Australian visit in 2012, and more recently from people who attended his very first tour along the east coast of the USA in March and already from those who have attended his first Australian tour for 2013, who are marveling at the  improvements they are seeing in their schools and ECE settings after making simple changes inspired by Marc.

 For all details regarding where Marc will be presenting during Tour 2 and Tour 3

please check out the Inspired EC website.

 or email Donna via …

To learn more about Marc Armitage be sure to follow him via his website …

Facebook page … 

and on Twitter.!/marcatplay


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