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::: letter writing

The Pre Kinder children at Croydon North Preschool are holding a Grandparents’/Special person’s Day in a couple of weeks. To let these special people know it was on, the children had invitations to sign and decorate. We discovered that they needed to use quite a few skills.

It was a great opportunity for us to see how the children were going with writing their names. It also gave a chance to check out their pencil grip.

The next job was to fold the paper – turn it over and press on the folds. Not an easy task for littlies, particularly  as they had to figure out the size that would fit into the envelope!

Then they had to actually put the invitation INTO the envelope. Easy if it was the right size, but a bit of juggling and refolding if it wasn’t – great maths concepts of size, shape and spatial relations coming in here!!

At last it was post the letter time. The children popped them into our kinder post box and they were officially posted by us that afternoon. On the invitation we asked the special people to write back to the children with their reply, so we are hoping that everyone will receive a letter in the post. How exciting!!


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2 Responses to “letter writing”

  1. So many skills honed, eh! Sounds exciting – hope you get lots of replies.

    ::: In a world of electronic media Julia it is ALWAYS so nice when the children receive their replies in the post. 🙂 🙂

  2. Tisha says:

    Is the mailbox in the picture with the little boy homemade or store bought? Love it!!

    ::: I’m sorry Tash but we really aren’t too sure on that … It IS a ripper though! 🙂 🙂