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::: exploring metamorphosis

Tadpoles and frogs are an endless fascination for preschoolers …

and of course Metamorphosis is such and interesting topic to explore with children, not to mention a great new word for most 4 and 5 year olds to tackle!

To keep most frogs and reptiles here in Australia you need a licence from your relevant State Government. In our case we are raising  Southern Brown Tree Frogs (Litoria ewingi) so we don’t need a licence to keep them.  We will certainly be mindful to release these frogs back into the same environment from which they came however as frogs, like many other creatures in nature are territorial!

We’ve seen lots of lovely set ups on our visits to preschools in relation to tadpoles and frogs …

We are great supporters of introducing books into the children imaginative play spaces. Along with extending their curiosity we are most conscious of teaching our children that as adults we simply don’t just grow knowledge in our heads with age, rather we have had to accumulate that knowledge via books and other forms of literature over a lifetime. It is so easy for us as educators to instantly answer questions our children throw up at us but we have learned over time to STOP, think and invite the children to refer with us to books in order to support them in discovering the answers for themselves …

before we take the easy road and respond immediately with the answer!

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One Response to “exploring metamorphosis”

  1. tuma says:

    wow i have been looking for something new for our centre. Love the frog idea. Thanks alot. We are a new centre in a little town called Tokoroa in New Zealand.
    Keep up the greeeeaaaaat work.

    ::: Thank you Tuma. 🙂 🙂