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::: Oscar’s sticky pad nature collage

This activity came about because our friend Oscar found a big red leaf on his walk to kinder and declared on his arrival … “I want to make a flowere collage … Do we have any sticky pads left please?”

We love the sticky pads we get from Resource Rescue and so do the children.

The children have used a variety of bits and pieces over the years to create their works of art. This particular one above was used as a stamp.

With Spring having arrived and heaps of beautiful flowers out, we are lucky to have plenty of flowers in the garden at kinder and encourage the children to enjoy them.

First, with Oscars help a selection was made.

Then the flowers were snipped or gently (and not so gently) dissected.

Some children were very particular in their placement …

while others were happy to pop things wherever.

Whatever method they chose the end result was beautiful!

Just for interest, when we offered this activity to the three year olds, they couldn’t care less about the sticking – they just snipped and snipped until they were surrounded by a pile of chopped off flowers which went out to the sandpit for cooking!!


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