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::: squirter bottle art

We seem to have a collection of those bottles with a pump action squirter attached so brought them outside (it is a bit of a messy activity), for some children who hadn’t used them before.

We used powdered Edicol dye dissolved in water as it is nice and runny and easy to squirt.

We have always found this to be a great fine motor activity as it is quite hard getting the pumping action to work. The children doing it this time are four and five year olds and manage it much better than the younger children.

They may start off with the whole-hand approach …

even the fist action! …

or use two fingers to push down on the pump.

 We have found that as they become more used to doing it and their fingers become stronger, they are able to just use their index fingers to push down with.

Of course it always pays to check that you are lining up the hole in the squirt bottle with the paper too!

We love the way Maddy has covered the whole sheet of paper – we reckon she must have pretty tired fingers at this stage!!

Each one is so unique!

And what about this dribbled look? Yummy!


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