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::: heavy metal bling!

We had a bag of nuts left over from who knows what  so popped them out at the invention table to see what the children wanted to do with them.

As is so usual the children thought outside the box and used the heavy metal nuts to make ..


They had so much fun threading the shiny nuts onto different thicknesses of ribbon.

Great for their fine motor, and not an easy task, as those nuts are rather heavy and kept slipping off the ribbon!

We SO love the way children think, explore and experiment with new materials!!

How CUTE is that bling!!

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2 Responses to “heavy metal bling!”

  1. Greg (Bear) says:

    Way to bring the Bling! Always knew were a bit nutty Donna.

    ::: Yeah thanks for that Bear … Cheeky! 🙂 🙂

  2. Good try students would enjoy making it ….Easy to make thanks for giving such a different idea and explore experiment with new materials!!

    ::: You’re welcome PSV. 🙂 🙂