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::: don’t burst the bubble!

One of the children brought along some balloons last week which we all had LOTS of fun with. A slight hick-up however was while some of the children could blow up the balloons by themselves, some of them could not and quite frankly once that balloon has been in a child’s mouth, there was no way it was going anywhere near either of ours when they ask us to blow their balloons up for them, and frustratingly we could not find the balloon pump ANYWHERE!

Not wanting to ‘burst the bubble’ on the children’s interest in the balloons we had to think quickly on our feet and come up with a fun balloon play alternative for those who couldn’t get air into the balloons. Of course filling the balloons up with water proved to be a lot of fun!

While we do have taps outside, the necks of the balloons were too small for the children to be able to attach to the end of the tap on their own so they were using the indoor taps instead. Having open, water filled balloons dropped on the inside floor a couple of times while moving from the bathroom tap to outside did however cause a few safety issues so we offered plan B as an alternative … SAND!

Sand inside balloons is lovely and squishy so we popped out some little ‘funnel shaped things’ we had collected from Resource Rescue …

as we knew the children would be able to attach them to their balloons by themselves and let them fill to their hearts content!

Some children chose to use their hands while others collected spoons from the mud-cafe play area and used them to scoop the sand into their balloons.

They enjoyed forcing in as much sand as they possibly could!

As the Posca pens were outside because the children were still enjoying decorating the CD’s

some of the children indulged in some squishy ball art as well.

And just as we thought  …

they enjoyed making the squishy balls so much …

they just couldn’t stop at one!!!

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4 Responses to “don’t burst the bubble!”

  1. Laisve says: works

    ::: 🙂 🙂

  2. This is the new trick which child had use..It’s really interesting and creative thing..Water balloon is very simple and common thing but the sand balloon is new and creative thing..You can make many drawings or faces with sketch on it..It’s fun..

    ::: It is indeed fun Belmont Schools. 🙂 🙂

  3. bridget says:

    this was a real success with children with autism, they loved squishing it and drawing on the faces!

    ::: That is so cool to hear Bridget … Thanks for sharing! 🙂 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    I’ve done this with Pre-K, added an elastic band and made Yo-yo’s huge hit!