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::: colour mixing and playdough

Each week lately with the threes we have been having fun with different colours. First of all the primary colours and now the secondary. They have been coming to kinder wearing the appropriate colour and many of our activities have involved the same colour. This included our playdough, so for the first three weeks we had red, then blue then yellow. What a collection of play dough!!

Now that we are looking at secondary colours we have been able to put out two colours for the children to explore. We started off with yellow and blue. One of the children said, ” I know what happens when you mix two colours together – you get a new colour!”

So they squished and rolled …

and pummelled …

until it slowly turned into a beautiful soft green.

The next week we put out red and blue which they discovered changed into purple and this week we’ll get out the yellow and red for orange week. What a lovely play based way for the children to experiment with colour mixing.

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One Response to “colour mixing and playdough”

  1. Jeanine says:

    Is there a veryy simple recipe for homemade playdough???

    ::: Jeanine you will find several great playdough recipes in this post … 🙂 🙂