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::: Hi … we’re he-ere!!

We know it’s been a long time since our last post but we just wanted to let you know that we ARE still here.

Life is just really busy for us both at the moment. Sherry is teaching a pre-kinder group two days a week, teaching Certificate Three to adults on a Thursday then heading off to school herself, to study on a Thursday evening. I on the other hand have had my head down putting together the Marc Armitage Australialand 2012 tour, which is now well under way.

Of course together we have had workshops and conferences to prepare for and attend and we are fortunate to be called upon regularly for relief work, which keeps us both on our toes.

I guess sometimes the reality of life gets in the way and trying to find that work/life balance can be a little tricky. Life is so hectic right now we are grabbing every spare minute we can to concentrate on our ‘other lives’ of family and personal interests … dancing for Sherry and photography for me.  Come September our lives will slowly fall back into their regular pattern and we will be back on board blogging.

In the mean time  our Facebook page is still very active and growing daily, thanks mostly to the wonderful people who follow us over there and have created such a diverse and interesting page of their own.

So stick around. Check out our old posts … we have over 700 for you to revisit and of course there are lots of AMAZING blogs and websites to be found under our links down the sides of our page.

Just remember we are never too far away … NOW grab a coffee and go check out our blogging buddies … You won’t be sorry we promise you!

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2 Responses to “Hi … we’re he-ere!!”

  1. Laureen Walton says:

    Hi girls, I saw Marc’s presentation and was blown away with his ideas – all makes so much sense !

    I would be happy to offrer our school for a presentation when he is here next year so that you can spread the word further down our way.

    Lets know if you are intetested. Lareen Walton
    Principal, Sandringham East PS pH 0409 598 185

    ::: Thank you so much Lareen. We will certainly be in touch … So glad you enjoyed Marcs presentation … He really is a GURU isn’t he!?

  2. Scott says:

    I was just thinking the other day that I haven’t “spoken” to you lately. I’ve been so busy with first grade (and so tired after each day). And apparently you’ve been busy too. I’m hoping to be back online regularly, too. Isn’t it terrible when real life interferes with your online life?? 🙂

    ::: We’ve missed you too Scotty BUT we are well aware of your exciting move to first grade. While we’ve been crazy busy, we girls are never really too far away … We don’t like to miss much!! 🙂 🙂