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::: DIY magnetic table

We love this idea we saw recently at Lower Plenty Kindergarten.

It’s a homemade magnetic table.

Made from recycled cardboard they are so easy to make. Simply cut a hole in the top to fit a plastic lasagne tray and cut another hole in the front of the box so the children can access the bottom of the tray.

Placing the magnetic balls in the tray, the children were able to pop their hands through the box beneath the tray and run the magnet around moving the magnetic balls from underneath.

One of the trays had a zigzag and wavy line drawn in it which challeneged the children to trace the marble over the pattern.

These boys had a wonderful time playing here.

Such a simple yet brilliant idea!

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3 Responses to “DIY magnetic table”

  1. Love the homemade magnetic table, great idea.

  2. So simple and so brilliant. It’s one of those, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ moments 😀 Where do you get these big lasagne pans I wonder? Sure would make magnetic painting a lot easier. Ah teachers with limited budgets sure are resourceful little fellas aren’t they? 🙂