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::: outside chalkboards

We always have heaps of writing and drawing activities using a wide range of implements, one of the very favourites being the good old chalk and chalkboard. There are variations in the type of chalk we can provide such as the normal thin chalk, the fat sidewalk chalk or maybe even the egg shaped chalk that seems to be around at Easter time.

Although it is great to have it as an inside activity, we have noticed that many preschools have huge, fixed outside ones too.

The portable chalkboard outside is also a nice change.

We have a triple-sided one which is perfect for outside where  a quick, sociable draw is in order.

We noticed this week that some children were riding their bikes around it, stopping for a draw and discussion …

then heading off and coming back again!

“This is my dad. He doesn’t have any hair ‘cos it fell off!”

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One Response to “outside chalkboards”

  1. I like chalkboards. I used to have ones in arrow signs (from Cosy) but they were so popular with children that I ended up donating them to different schools. I also have little chalkboards on pegs which can be seen on this blog post

    I also have old-fashioned slates which are great for historic themes and making the connections with rocks. Sigh! Great blog post thanks.

    :::Oh Juliet We love those mini chalkboards – what a fun way for the children to write notes to each other!! We really like the fishing nets too – we need to shift closer to the sea we thinks!!