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As we all know, we love play based learning and that is the way we teach our children, always keeping in mind that our sessions are not ‘free Friday afternoons’ where the children run amok. We are always conscious of what we are teaching and why, we are mindful of intentional teaching, at times planned and other times grabbing the moment when it arises.

This came to mind this week when the children sang and acted out an old favourite song, Five Grey Elephants Balancing. We marked out a square on the mat for the children to ‘balance’ on.

Before we even started the song we asked the children to sit “outside the square”, then sit “inside the square”.

As the song went along we counted how many elephants, we talked about first, and last, then middle.

We counted out first, second, third and so on. We talked about being “behind” and “in front of”.

So much numeracy in one little song!!

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