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::: magnificent magnetics

Magnetics are wildly popular with the boys at kinder at the moment. The coloured sticks have magnets in the ends and the small ball bearings are also magnetic so the pieces all connect together to make very interesting constructions.

Apart from being a great fine motor activity …

they are loads of fun!

Here Charlie used the magnetics on a magnetic board to build a fence for his lions.

He had so much fun building and took great delight in scaring Donna when one of his lions escaped from the cage!

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2 Responses to “magnificent magnetics”

  1. dianne says:

    so what are these magnets called ? and where do you get them?

    ::: Thank you Dianne. They are called Magnetix. I know they are available at Australian Geographic and pretty sure toy shops have them too. 🙂 🙂

  2. Kerryn says:

    Hi we have these at our kindergarten and I often wonder how I can extend the children and help make them more interesting. So I love this idea. So simple but effective! Will be using it ASAP. Thank-you (By the way we bought our set from Windmill in Mont Albert).

    ::: Thanks for the heads up on Windmill Kerryn. They are so cool aren’t they! 🙂 🙂