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::: bonkers beat music – kinder and childcare

We headed off down to the bayside suburbs again recently to visit Bonkers Beat Music Kinder and Childcare in Aspendale.

You will see the usual curriculum activities at Bonkers Beat, but in this post we want to highlight the emphasis they have on music and well being.

Galina, the owner of the centre and one in Brighton (which we will visit another time), has a strong music background (30 years’ experience) and has put together her own music curriculum that all groups throughout the centre follow.

It has three parts to it, each part being followed on a yearly rotation in their 2 year old, 3 year old and kindergarten rooms.

The beauty of each group following the same curriculum for the year, means that all the children and teachers are learning the same music, so both teachers and children can happily go into any room and join in at music time.

Another bonus of having a set curriculum like this is that the staff can be confident that over the year they have covered all elements of music such as rythm, beat, tempo, dynamics and so on.

As we all know, involvement in a music session also highlights other life skills such as waiting for your turn, sharing equipment, listening to others, having a go by yourself and congratulating others on a job well done.

We arrived in time to visit the two year old room. They very happily and excitedly joined in with Galina and their regular teachers singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments enthusiastically.

We really liked how they used Auslan gestures to go with the songs, a big plus for special needs children and children who either have no English yet (there is a large multicultural community here in Aspendale, families and staff) or whose talking is just starting. The centre sends the signing intructions home to the families so they can practise there.

We were  also able to enjoy the music session with the 3’s and 4’s combined and they had just as much fun as the littlies with Bonkers the Monkey leading the way!

The staff also use other puppets to help teach the skills, and on this day we saw Lenny the Lion and Ruby the Rabbit aiding the children in their left and right concepts.

The teachers follow the Bonkers music curriculum every day, but of course bring in any other incidental music they may wish to such as playing classical music at pack up time, finger plays, nursery rhymes, whatever they like.

Although we were unable to stay for the afternoon session, Galina told us that yoga and well being classes are run every afternoon for the 3-5 year old children. Hopefully we will get to experience this next time when we visit the Brighton centre.

“ Galina has just come back from Singapore and Indonesia where she was invited to present and run workshops for Early Childhood Educators and music sessions with children. She was also invited to present at the official opening of the Annual Leadership Forum, Sanur – Bali and work with pre-school children and educators in Green School, Bali which is well known for giving its students a relevant, holistic and green education in one of the most amazing environments on the planet.

To find out more about Bonkers and Galina’s trip check the NEWS on website.

To receive special gifts from Bonkers the Monkey, notes from Galina or to view music & yoga videos go to:    and join ‘Sing & Stretch Club’ NOW!

Bonkers Music Kinder and Childcare is situated at 49 Laura Street, Aspendale, Victoria (Melways Reference 92 J5) and is in the City of Kingston.

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