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::: glitter bottles revisited

Amongst the pile of stuff we had left over from the presentation on Irresistible Ideas for Water which we did at the Yarra Ranges Early Childhood Conference a while back, the glitter was by far the children’s favourite find in the clean up.

Some of it they used, with some of our left over bottles, to make the tornado/vortex tube but looking through our photos they noticed we had been having fun with glitter jars too, like the ones we made last year.

They immediately wanted to give them another go too, so we talked to them about remembering to put glycerine in the water. The glycerine just changes the viscosity of the water enough so that the glitter and ‘bling’ that goes into it moves a little slower through the water, making it look a little like a snow dome.

 So they each filled a bottle with water and a few squirts of the sticky glycerine. We loved the teamwork happening!

They added the bling …

screwed the lids on nice and tight, then taped up the top of the bottles with electrical tape,  just to be sure they didn’t leak.

Then they shook and tipped …

and shook some more – how simple and how fascinating!


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3 Responses to “glitter bottles revisited”

  1. Jode says:

    I made quite a few of these for my twins and they have played with them from about 5 months…i never knew about adding the glycerine though…great tip thank you, am keen to try it now!

    ::: Have fun experimenting Jode! 🙂 🙂

  2. Erin says:

    I saw a thing on Pintrest about making these as a tool for helping kids that need time out from an overwhelming classroom environment. They can sit and hold the bottle until the glitter settles, giving them time to concentrate on something and then rejoin the rest of their friends.

    ::: What a great idea Erin!! Thanks for sharing it. 🙂 🙂

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