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::: babies, toddlers and cooperative play

It is surprising how at quite a young age, many children like to try jigsaw puzzles.

We had two littlies over and the older of the two pulled out some very simple puzzles – graded circles …

and graded pigs.

It involved not only lots of fine motor work and lots of thinking …

but also heaps of talking about size like big, small, bigger, smaller, biggest, smallest …

and shapes such as round, circle and pig as well as positional language such as in, out and next to.

Her little cousin was watching her very carefully and wanted to have a go too.

Even though she didn’t have the skill of the older child, she tried very hard.

The beautiful thing that happened was that when she struggled, our little experienced possum helped her get the pieces in.

Such wonderful cooperation from two very young children.

This is a great example of why age groups should be mixed in our childcare centres …

 just like they are in families …

 rather than segregating them into their year levels.

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3 Responses to “babies, toddlers and cooperative play”

  1. Nathalie says:

    What a simple yet insightful post. Children learn so much this way.

    ::: Absolutely Nathalie! 🙂 🙂

  2. I second that! My class is 1-3 year olds and I spent the day watching a 15-month old a two year old and then try everything she was doing. He really ran for the first time today after modeling her and trying to chase her. I always say children learn more from each other than from adults!

    ::: We agree Shelley … Give children a chance and they are the very best of teachers! 🙂 🙂

  3. Erin says:

    I have just had a new group of children come up from the nursery and still have my almost preschoolers in my toddler class. The way they help each other almost makes me cry – I am so proud of my big kids! And the younger children are teaching my older ones about responsibility, leadership, gentleness and empathy.
    When I have my own preschool I will have a range of ages in each class, becasue it’s a ‘modern’ invention to segregate the children in ages.

    ::: Erin we totally agree that the children learn so much more from playing with a mixed age range … Good luck in making your dream come true! 🙂 🙂