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::: catching the winter sunshine

Just before the term break we posted about our genuine-blue-Nashville-fly-swatter-guitar which Scott from Brick by Brick had sent to us in a parcel.

We decorated it and hung it up on the verandah – very cool!

Amongst a box of goodies we had on hand that day were some old C.D’s and D.V.D’s.  As the weather was so beautiful the children were keen to use them to make some suncatchers

so out came the cordless drill!

While we have put the drill into the hands of our children before it was the first time for these children, so there was a lot of discussion first about how it operates.

Hold it straight – pushing the button this way makes the drill go forward, this way makes it go backwards – it goes very fast -it’s loud – squeezing the trigger with two fingers might be easier – it’s very sharp – it can be dangerous!

And very importantly remember to hold steady the object that you’re drilling!

As the C.D’s were white on one side and reflective on the other …

they were just perfect for decorating with wax crayons.

By threading some string through the holes the children had drilled …

they were able to connect the C.D’s to each other and hang them up to catch the beautiful winter sunshine …

Even our genuine-blue-Nashville-flyswatter-guitar got a jazzing up!

Irresistible suncatchers indeed!

As we mentioned our irresitible genuine-blue-Nashville-flyswatter-guitar came to us

in a ‘pay it forward‘ parcel from Scott Wiley over at Brick-by-Brick.

We have now dipped into our lucky hat and pulled out the following names

to pay it forward with a parcel representing our beautiful Melbourne town.

Our pay it forward parcels will go to …

Aimee over at – Red Shoe Arts

Maureen over at – Strongsmart

Jeanne over at – taking the backroad

If you could please send us your postal adresses we will send your parcels on their way.

Thank you for being a part of it!

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5 Responses to “catching the winter sunshine”

  1. ayn colsh says:

    How cool! I bet the kids are really enjoying seeing books/items from a place so far away! 🙂

    ::: Thanks Ayn they certainly are … so are we! 🙂 🙂

  2. Fabulous!

    ::: Thanks Juliet! 🙂 🙂

  3. Scott says:

    I can’t imagine a flyswatter guitar ever looked so enchanting. I’m glad it made the trip Down Under.

    ::: Thank you Scott it is rather gorgeous! And we agree, who would have thought hey?! ! 🙂 🙂

  4. Jo says:

    Hi there,
    What a cool idea. wondering where i can find the similar wooden disc that you used to drill against please?

    Thanks Jo

    ::: Jo they are simply small, pine timber chopping boards we picked up from the $2 shop. 🙂 🙂

  5. Christie says:

    I did something similar to this with the kids at a preschool that I was filling in at. I had oodles of old CDs, DVDs, Computer games, etc. that were scratched, so I glued two discs together (shiny sides out) and the kids got two each. On one side of each CD the kids drew with oil pastels, on the other side of one they did painting with cotton tips, and on the last side they did collage featuring long streamers of cellophane. We strung each child’s CDs together individually (so they could take their cd’s home eventually) and hung them from the roof . Some were almost like shiny jellyfish! It’s a great idea, and the kids (and parents) loved it! Here’s a photo of them all finished and looking lovely 🙂

    ::: They look fantastic Christie! Thanks so much for sharing the idea and the photo. LOVE the branch they are hanging from too! 🙂 🙂