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::: colour mixing with torches

At Ringwood Uniting Preschool we saw the children enjoying the experience of shining torches through cardboard cylinders …

with the ends covered in different coloured cellophane.

They shone them onto white paper and could change the colours by shining two torches, using different coloured cellophane  together onto the one spot.

At Kurburoo, they picked up on this idea …

covering torches with cellophane and shining them onto a white board.

They added a twist. They had coloured, transparent paddles which the children could hold over their coloured beams of light.

They could change the colours easily and at will.

Both of these ideas are fantastic and what a great, simple science, colour mixing experiment it is!

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One Response to “colour mixing with torches”

  1. Fenella Murdoch says:

    Love seeing wonderful play-based ideas. Am going to do the torch colours with children next week at our Playcentre here in NZ – totally play based early childhood centres run by mums.
    Thanks for the ideas