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::: sandpaper rubbings

We seem to be a little obsessed with sand lately … that lovely, cheap and easily accessible product that children just love!

One activity just seems to flow on to another idea so this time we pulled out sandpaper, scissors and crayons and let the children go for it.

Some of the children cut out sandpaper shapes.

Whatever they wanted (in this case, fairly basic ones) …

and placed them under some paper, took the crayons and rubbed them over the top …

to see their shapes emerge in another form.

Others just wanted to draw straight onto the sand paper surface.

They really enjoyed the gritty, sensory feel of the sandpaper under the crayon.

Then of course there were those who enjoyed nothing more than simply drawing on the paper …

while others just wanted to cut up the sandpaper!

As usual nothing around here is predictable …

and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

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One Response to “sandpaper rubbings”

  1. What a super idea! Sandpaper is so tactile, thanks for sharing!

    ::: You’re very welcome Carly! 🙂 🙂