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::: birds, play and poetry

It would appear that Highvale Preschool has ‘gone to the birds’ …

and we say that in the nicest possible way!

Just how irresistible are these bird cages?

If you have been reading our blog for a while you will know it is no secret that we strongly believe in presenting activities to children in such a way …

as to engage their interest …

and invite them to play.

This beautiful Imaginative play set up reminds us of this great little finger poem …

Five Little Birds

5 little birds,
On a branch by the shore,
1 fell off,
Then there were 4.

4 little birds,
High in a tree,
The wind blew hard,
Then there were 3.

3 little birds,
None of them knew,
1 wandered home,
Then there were 2.

2 little birds,
Sitting in the sun,
A cat came along,
Then there was 1.

1 little birds,
In the setting sun,
Flew off to the forest,
Then there were none.


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2 Responses to “birds, play and poetry”

  1. Pam says:

    Love the poem (and the birds!).

    ::: Thanks Pam! 🙂 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Jones says:

    What a beautiful, peaceful playspace this must be for the children at this lovely kindergarten. I can imagine the quiet play that would happen with 1 or 2 children. It lends itself to that. Some children need time to just be and this would be one of those spaces.

    ::: It was a lovely peaceful space Elizabeth and the children were so engaged. It was really lovely to see! 🙂 🙂