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::: winter wonderland

On our recent visit to Ringwood Uniting Kindergarten we saw a group of children totally engaged in this icy imaginative play. It brought to mind this lovely poem –

If you should meet a Polar Bear.

If you should meet a polar bear …

on a winter day.

what would you do …

What would you say?

I’d say good morning Polar Bear, how do you do?

I’m glad to meet you Polar Bear. I’d like to dance with you.

Ringwood Uniting Preschool has been added to our Education Directory Page.



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11 Responses to “winter wonderland”

  1. avatar Juliet says:

    What a great mix of ice and pebbles. Very clever. I will remember this!

    Totally irresistible Juliet! :) :)

  2. avatar Scott says:

    Love it.

    ::: Thanks Scott! :) :)

  3. I agree – the stones and ice are a great combo – and where did they get their round tray thingy from?

    ::: Louise, Elizabeth said it came from a supplier. We will find out for you and let you know A.S.A.P.! :) :)

  4. avatar marion says:

    Where do you buy the polar bears, penguins etc

    ::: Marion, I will endevour to find out for you. :) :)

  5. avatar Melissa says:

    OMG – I love, love love this! We will *steal* this idea for next week! Then, I ‘m going to do it at home with my daughters!
    We found penguins and polar bears in a regular toy shop!
    Melis X

    ::: Yeehaa … have fun Melissa! :) :)

  6. avatar marion says:

    Thanks Melissa

  7. avatar bianca says:

    I froze a toy crocadile inside a great big ice cube made with an icecream tub and the children spent all day trying to work out how they could get it out. As the ice melted they were able to feel the texture of the crocadiles ridgy back in contrast with the smooth ice. I also froze mini ice cubes with buttons inside them from coloured water. They were a real hit! I’ll have to find look out for some polar animals though – they are gorgeous.

    ::: Good on you Bianca! That sounds like a lot of fun. :) :)

  8. avatar Karen says:

    I have been looking for months for polar bears and penguins can anyone let me know where they may have seen/purchased them (esp around outer eastern Melbourne). I have looked (almost) everywhere! Thanks in advance!

    ::: Karen check out these links … good luck! :) :)

    You might also try the shop at the Royal Melbourne Zoo!

  9. avatar Karen says:

    Thanks Donna…..I’m on to it!!! :-)

    ::: Karen if you have no luck here you could contact Elizabeth over at Ringwood Uniting Kindergarten and ask her where she got her animals from. You will find her email address on her post through our ‘Education Directory’. :) :)

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  11. avatar Sian says:

    Hi, I get all my animals and figurines online from a store called ‘MiniZoo’. They have a good selection, toobs as well, and fast and cheap postage.

    ::: Thanks for the tip Sian! :) :)

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