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::: more than just a sandpit workshop

Sand play is not just about buckets and spades in the sandpit!

As well as being an essential part of the outdoor learning environment …

sand can be used to enhance the indoor play space too!

Sand can be used on a large scale …

or small.

It can be for the individual child …

or a group of children.

Being so readily available, sand is a wonderful natural medium for art …

science …

or sensory play!

At our ‘more than just a sandpit‘ workshop we will share with you our practical, tried and true ideas, using everyday materials we all have at hand to enhance the children’s learning opportunities and encourage them to explore.

More than just a sandpit’ will engage your children in a wide range of exciting, new experiences.

.: more than just a sandpit workshop :.

When: Friday, April 1st, 2011

Times: 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Cost: $65.00 per person – includes all materials.

Where: In Croydon, in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne

How to apply: Places are limited so please email us

We will have irresistible fun! We look forward to seeing you there!



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8 Responses to “more than just a sandpit workshop”

  1. avatar Shar says:

    Wish I could come. Hope it is a great event for you.

    ::: Thanks Shar. We have SO much fun at our workshops. We’re really looking forward to this one! :) :)

  2. avatar Juliet says:

    I want to come! I SO SO SO agree with the sentiment of this workshop.

    ::: Well of course Juliet you know you would be welcome ANY time! :) :)

  3. avatar penny.way says:

    I wish you could come to NSW to do a workshop for us! this one and your workshop for engaging boys…..

    ::: Email us Penny and we will see what we can :) :)

  4. avatar Merril says:

    I love the “science”sand idea. I haven’t put chairs on the table yet and I think it’s about time I do! Thanks for the inspiring photos.

    ::: You’re very welcome Merril! :) :)

  5. avatar Jodie Mitchell says:

    I would love to attend this workshop, however I will be teaching. My children LOVE sand play and I am always looking for new ideas. Are there any plans to run this on a Saturday or after hours?

    ::: Jodie If you’re part of a teachers group and would like to organize a time out of hours, I’m sure we could could work something out. :) :)

  6. avatar gabrielle says:

    i wish my kinder setting shared the same sentiment :( children are not allowed to move sand out of the sand pit and water is not allowed to go in to it…erk, my centre is so sterile, i’m so envious!

    ::: Oh wow! That’s very sad for the children Gabrielle … and for you as well. :( :(

  7. avatar Scott says:

    Love the chairs on the table. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does things like that – sometimes other adults seem to think I’m crazy. :)

    ::: Hee … hee … hee … Scott! The chairs were ideal for this activity … once we pulled out the drill and made a couple of holes in to the backs to hold the dowel that is! I don’t think anyone has considered us crazy though … they’ve just come to expect certain things from us! :) :)

  8. avatar Bianca says:

    It sounds great – have you ever considered running an online workshop like this one??? I know we’d miss out on the sensory side of it but I’m sure it would still be irrisistable :)

    ::: We’re working on other ideas Bianca. We will let everyone know when we have things organised. :) :)

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