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::: I spy bottle

Get some small empty baby food jars with lids or a clean empty drink bottle …

and put out a pile of bits and pieces which will fit in through the top.

The children can pop in whatever they like and then add something special …

such as the green snake that these children popped in, or bugs and beetles, wishing stones etc…

Then it is time to shake up the bottle …

and find the hidden treasure.

Endlessly fascinating!

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2 Responses to “I spy bottle”

  1. jeannezoo says:

    I love this idea – appropriate and exciting for many age levels! Thank you, Sherry and Donna!

    ::: You’re very welcome Jeannezoo! 🙂 🙂

  2. finleysmaid says:

    ooh like this version…we have cannisters with rice in and little treasures hidden in them…great fun especially trying to find the penny it always hides in the middle!…glad your having fun ladies!

    ::: Thanks Finleysmaid! 🙂 🙂