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::: cut and tell story

While checking out Youtube recently for ‘draw and tell‘ stories, we came across this gorgeous ‘cut and tell’ story. We won’t tell you the name of it or it will spoil the ending!

Firstly you need to cut a piece of paper into a square.

Then fold it into a triangle shape three times.

This is how the story goes (of course it can be adapted to the group you are telling it to to include their names and what is happening in their lives if you would like to).

Once a parcel was delivered in the mail to a big brother and little sister. It was a big box and inside the box was a present. When they unwrapped the present they found a tent inside!

They were very excited and they loved their new tent! It had a window at the top which the big brother could look out of and see a million stars.

It had another window underneath which was good for the little sister to look out of as she was not as tall as her brother. She wanted to see some creatures which came out at night.

Then right near the bottom was a third window which would be good for their little baby to peek out of.

Another thing they loved was the little round doorway which they could crawl through to go into the tent.

At the top was a hole that they could see the sky through. They thought that perhaps it was to let out the smoke of a little fire that they might light to keep themselves warm at night.

They wanted to sleep in their tent that night!

“Mummy, Daddy, can we PLEASE sleep in our tent tonight?”

“No children, it is the middle of winter and it is much too cold!”

“PLEASE Mummy and Daddy – we’ll wear two pairs of pyjamas

and take our sleeping bags and our teddies and a (Click) torch!”

“Well, we’ll check the weather forecast and see what it says.”

Later on that day their parents said,

“Guess what? The weather forecast says it is not going to be too cold tonight

so you can sleep in the tent!”


That night the children crawled into their tent with their two pairs of pyjamas, their sleeping bags and teddies and their (click) torches.

The big brother looked out through the top window and saw a million stars.

The little sister looked out through her window and after a while she saw a kangaroo hopping by.

The baby crawled all around the floor and peeked out the bottom window. We don’t know what she saw as she couldn’t talk yet!

Then the baby went home, and the other two switched off their torches (click) and snuggled into their sleeping bags.

It was very quiet and peaceful and as they looked up into the night sky through the hole in the roof …

gently and quietly, down through the hole in the top of the tent came some beautiful, soft ….

…. snowflakes!

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10 Responses to “cut and tell story”

  1. Ahhhh… delightful. I know how to fold a napkin so it resembles a ladies brazier. Not one for the kids I know, but great fun at parties!

    ::: Too funny Tim! 🙂 🙂

  2. Scott says:

    I’ve not seen a cut and tell story before. Thanks for sharing.

    ::: It’s a ripper isn’t it Scott! 🙂 🙂

  3. Merril says:

    I can see this being great fun for the kids too – telling their own cut and tell stories. This will definitely be one I try!

    ::: Have fun with it Merril. 🙂 🙂

  4. Betsy says:

    This is just unbelievably serendipitous! My Pre-K class has spent the week painting and playing in big appliance boxes. They asked if we could bring in sleeping bags and flashlights tomorrow, so that they could pretend that the boxes were tents. And, in spite of the fact that it is officially spring here in Connecticut, it is snowing out! I will tell this story tomorrow while we are cuddled in our box “tents” with our sleeping bags and flashlights. Thank you!!

    ::: Oh WOW! Talk about good timing Betsy! 🙂 🙂

  5. Jeanette Fox says:

    I’m going to try this out on my boys at story time this morning! I’m sure they will love it! Thanks for sharing!!

    ::: I reckon they will Jeanette … especially if you include their own names in the story! 🙂 🙂

  6. jeanne says:

    lovely! the ‘cut and tell’ concept has endless ideas for story telling…love it! and, of course, young children delight in a surprise at the end – the snowflake!

    ::: It’s a beauty isn’t it Jeanne?!

  7. Anne Post says:

    what a lovely story. We’re making snowflakes at the library soon and this will be a perfect “kickoff” story. Thank you so much.

    ::: What a great idea Anne … Enjoy it. It’s a little ripper! 🙂 🙂

  8. Suzanne Walker says:

    I’m going to talk about this in a presentation for librarians. Great posting! Thanks!

    ::: We love that there are so may different ways to engage children in story telling Suzanne … ENJOY! 🙂 🙂

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