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::: static electricity

A simple science experiment which is good in the large group and can also be done individually by the children is one involving static electricity.

We blew up a balloon and rubbed it with a wooly jumper  (hair or felt is good too) to create static electricity …

then held it near an empty aluminium can (after asking the children for a hypothesis about what, if anything, would happen).

Just so you know, the balloon attracts the can to it and if you keep the ballon just out of reach, you can make the can roll after the balloon. The children find this very entertaining!

Next we rubbed the ballon on our hair and got some of the children to show the others how tissue is attracted to it …

this also worked with a plastic pen.

Lastly we hung up two balloons close together,

rubbed them with a knitted woolen bag …

then witnessed what happened next … pwa!

We do love it when we share a little something with the children …

which plants the seed of curiosity …

and then they experiment with their own ideas!

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5 Responses to “static electricity”

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  2. crystal says:

    You two have the BEST ideas! I’m going to try this one with my group. We did your papertowel and ink one and enjoyed watching the water!

    ::: Thanks for that Crystal! We hope you all have fun with this one too! 🙂 🙂

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  5. Roger Mose says:

    I love these types of experiments that introduce children to how electricity works. Who knows, it may spark a future electrician to start studying to become a trained professional!