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::: snap painting

We saw a post over at the “Walking by the way” blog about painting with elastic bands and thought we’d give it a go.

We stretched some really fat elastic bands over a firm base (so it wouldn’t cave in).

We explained to the children that the objective was to paint  the elastic then snap it to send the paint down onto the paper.

They loved doing the painting part!

The snapping part was a bit tricky. Perhaps the elastic was too firm for little fingers.

As usual, the children discovered another use for the equipment – what a great guitar!

It looks very modern artish, doesn’t it?

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4 Responses to “snap painting”

  1. Scott says:

    I like the way you stretched the bands over the container. I’ve enjoyed reading about Tom’s adventures and now yours with elastic bands and painting. I love the “modern art” that these create. I may need to venture into this area soon.

    ::: We read the other day Scott that Tom was trying this on a smaller scale … we reckon that just may be the way to go with littlies! Please let us know how your children cope with it! 🙂 🙂

  2. Teacher Tom says:

    Okay, so a strumming technique . . . Hmm . . . But you’re still getting it in the face . . . Hmm . . . So, now I’m thinking that maybe there’s a way to put a piece of plexiglas between the snap painter and the kid (large or small) to protect the snapper. All I know is that once we’ve figured this out, we’ll have a product to sell in the toy stores!

    ::: Perhaps we could use something like a babies humidi crib Tom? Other than that my friend, I think we will all just have to put up with paint in the face! 🙂 🙂

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  4. Rachele says:

    I love, love, love this idea! And who cares about the mess! It’s all about the mess. I found that the more messy an idea is, the more fun the kids have. I think I’m off to buy some rubber bands this week.

    ::: You’re right Rachele the important thing is the children had a ball! 🙂 🙂