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::: good old ball games

Ball games are a great way to get the children to interact with each other as they are getting to know one another other and forming new friendship groups.

With cricket right in our faces at the moment (what happened, Aussies?) it is a good time of year to get out the cricket bats and balls.

If one wicket keeper is good, many MUST be better (hmmm … maybe that’s where Australia went wrong!)

We also like to have a tennis ball in a stocking hanging from a branch to hit with a bat. This is good for one person or more.

Basketball is also fun on your own, or in a group …

and we like to utilize the basketball ring poles to support a net for volleyball or badminton.

Sometimes we set up some nets as goals for soccer, while at other times the children simply make their own with the wooden blocks.

Of course regardless of the season, Aussie rules football is always an ever popular ball game …

and good old fashion ten pin bowling is always fun by yourself or with a few friends too.

You can find this set at Australian Geographic stores or make your own with sandfilled plastic bottles and a basketball.

Children who play sports reap physical and mental benefits. It can directly effect a child’s development of self-esteem and self worth so let’s get our children outside as much as we can in theses early days of school and preschool. Whether they’re playing or keeping score, it’s a great way to get them interacting in a larger group!

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6 Responses to “good old ball games”

  1. finleysmaid says:

    oh did we beat you in the cricket then!!!!(ha ha ha…) one of my parents was on the support team …we reckon it was him who made the difference! You might beat us at Aussie soccer though..looks like rugby to me! Lovely post as usual ladies. thank you

    ::: Trust us Finleysmaid Assie rules football is NOTHING like your football Hee … hee… hee! … As for the cricket, well … we’d rather not talk about it thanks 🙁 🙂 🙂

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  3. Louise says:

    …I know we’ll have some budding cricketers in training to join the Australian team next week! I had a question about your basketball rings – where did you get them from? I like the way they can double as volleyball posts…
    Louise 🙂

    ::: Louise we’ll have to look into the basketball rings for you. We will let you know! 🙂 🙂

  4. I love all your ideas! I personally love the ball hanging from a tree (right now I only got one kid that can play like this, so this would be great!) — but a great reminder of all the games out there… I tend to forget when its just me and the boys at home 🙂

    I’m featuring this on Friday as a part of a huge round up of ways to get kids moving —

    Come by on Friday and check out all the other features — I’m pretty excited about this round up of energy busters!

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

    ::: Thanks Jamie we’ll be sure to pop by! 🙂 🙂

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