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::: star Santa

When we were getting out some Christmas decorations to jazz up kinder lately, we noticed that a couple of them, a Santa and a snowman, were in the shape of a star.

We thought the children could probably make their own Santas using the star shape as the basis.

We did actually run off stars on red paper as it is a pretty tricky shape for children to draw.

Nevertheless, they were very capable of cutting them out quite well.

Checking the decoration gave them an idea of where the various parts of Santa should go, so the head at the pointy top …

gloves on the sides…

boots on the bottom points …

and a belt around the middle.

Add some cottonwool as fluffy white hair and a beard …

and there you are – a star Santa!

Even though we are not advocates of offering the children shapes, pictures, whatever, already done for them, we did find that the children rose to the challenge of accurate cutting.

Fortunately their Santas all turned out different and individual – whew!!!

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6 Responses to “star Santa”

  1. Teacher Tom says:

    Stars ARE hard to draw, even for adults! I’ll bet the kids really got a kick out of this. I’ve found that the occasional “craft” project thrown in with the regular “art” projects is a nice change of pace — and after all that art practice, how could they possibly wind up looking all the same!

    ::: You’re so right Tom! ‘Art’ and ‘craft’ are very different and art should always come first but we still felt cheeky photocopying those stars! 🙂 🙂

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  3. Lovely idea! Will be doing this today with my little girl. Thank you.

    ::: Have fun with it Kirrily! 🙂 🙂

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  5. Erin says:

    You still let the children decorate them the way they wanted to.
    I like to put out different precut paper out when painting, simply to see if the children will use the paper in different ways. I’ve found that the kids tend to use straight lines for paper cut into straight shapes (rectangles, squares, triangles) and use curved lines when using curved shaped paper (circles,ovals).

    ::: Children are so interesting aren’t they Erin! 🙂 🙂

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