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::: fried rice with chop sticks!

As a follow up to the book ‘Clever Sticks‘ we read last week …

we thought the children would enjoy cooking up some fried rice and have the opportunity to eat a delicious meal with chop sticks.

We gave them knives to chop up some carrot, celery and bacon.

Using knives is not new to our children as we do a lot of cooking at kinder.

However cooking in the fry pan was something the children had not experienced with us before so they all lined up to have a go at stirring the rice.

Most of it even stayed in the the pan!

Using chopsticks to move cotton balls around like they did last week was certainly a different experience to actually attempting to eat with them.

Some children came up with very interesting techniques to get the food into their mouths …

while others coped with the chop stick action amazingly well!

Not surprisingly though, when Sherry arrived at the table bearing spoons and forks many of the children were very quick to accept here offer of help!

While a large number of children did give into the cutlery …

a handful stuck the chop stick challenge out to the end … so impressive!

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2 Responses to “fried rice with chop sticks!”

  1. Louise says:

    Love it!

    ::: Thanks Louise! 🙂 🙂

  2. Teacher Tom says:

    We don’t have cooking facilities at our school, but I do occasionally get out a plug in burner for cooking playdough and boiling water. I’d never thought of an electric fry pan . . . And come to think of it, I have an electric wok down in my basement I never use . . . Thanks, my friend!

    ::: You see TOM … now you DO have cooking facilities at Woodland Park! 🙂 🙂