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::: ‘star of the week’ silhouettes

Each year term three is celebrated with our “star of the week program“.  What has become a traditional part of the program due to popular demand is the drawing of the children’s silhouettes . We have had a number of enquiries from people wanting to know how they are made and as we only do them in third term you’ve had to wait this long to find out! Well now we have started creating them again we can share with you how they are done.

We place a piece of easel paper on the wall and have the child stand right up against the paper with their head touching the wall. This helps them to stay very still!

At this stage we take a photo of the child ensuring we use the flash and show it to them through the camera so they can see their shadow and better understand what we are going to draw around. Shining the lamp on their face, and do be careful not to use a high wattage globe as the lamp will get too warm, we encourage the child to stand as still as a statue …

and working as swiftly and as accurately as possible we trace around their shadow.

The rest of the process can be a little time consuming, so this is the ONE and ONLY time in the year that Donna takes work home!

Using a pen, hard pencil or stylus you need to transfer the outline onto black paper by tracing over it in a firm hand …

so you are able to clearly see the transferred outline.

Next, using a very sharp blade carefully follow the outline and cut it out. You really do need to be accurate here as any mistake can completely change the look of the child!

Now we simply glue in onto a piece of A3 size cover paper in the child’s choice of colour, add their name and photograph in the corner, this will help them to identify themselves which in silhouette form can be quite tricky for them, run it through the laminator and it’s all done.

We got the idea for the silhouettes from this one of Donna which her grade three teacher Mr. Fuller made back in 1970 … hee hee hee!

We like to display the silhouettes around the room until the end of the year when the children (and parents) proudly take them home. They really do make a lovely keepsake!

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9 Responses to “‘star of the week’ silhouettes”

  1. Lisa says:

    We did ours straight onto black paper and used a white crayon or fine chalk. Worked equally well and meant less work at home!

  2. We’ve done this too, and they are fantastic to keep. I recently found a load of the white ‘original’ templates and it was great fun trying to remember who they all were! Last time we did it I used photographs of the children that I put into ‘word’ and made into ‘watermark’ and printed them onto card and drew round them onto the black paper. The pale photos looked fab too and made a great display on their own elsewhere

  3. LeeAnn Veiontte says:

    I agree that using a white colored pencil will get the job done faster. I love the part about taking a picture to put with it. I will do this with our new unit “The Wonders of You”.

  4. Louise says:

    now I know how…and have alternatives as well, thanks to this great blogging community!

  5. Deborah says:

    We used to make these every year for Valentine’s day – only we glued them to a great big heart:)

  6. I always used silhouettes in their Kindergarten books. They are timeless, and parents adore them!

  7. Teacher Tom says:

    I can see why you’re willing to take work home, just this once! I’m sitting here thinking that I could just get a few of my parents to take the work home with them . . . =)

  8. Angela says:

    I love these. I do them with my class, but I do it a little differently. I take the a photo of their silhouette and print it at the desired size. I then glue the photo to a black sheet of paper and cut along the silhouette. I flip the black paper so you don’t see the print out and glue it the colored paper. I found this to be very easy when working with smaller child. They only had to hold still for a photo. My older students actually did all the cutting themselves. These have made a great parent gift over the years.

    ::: We love how there are so many ways to make the silhouettes Angela. Like yours, ours have made great keepsakes too! 🙂 🙂

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