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::: make it irresistible – build a music frame

Thanks to some incredibly inspirational and generous bloggers we have added some wonderful learning experiences into our kindergarten program from which our children benefit immensely!

Our latest addition is a music frame …

for which the inspiration has come from people like JennyKitten Muffin, and Tom.

With the simple addition to an old climbing frame of assorted pots and pans …

straight out of the sand pit …

and a couple of wooden sticks …

we have created a fun, interesting, noise generating play space.

Of course not every one appreciates the noise songs and music being created at the music frame …

but we knew it wouldn’t be too long …

before she came to the party!

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14 Responses to “make it irresistible – build a music frame”

  1. Jenny Burr says:

    Hi girls; Love this idea and will implement it tomorrow!
    Thanks for the inspiration….

  2. Teacher Tom says:

    I love how we keep topping each other. I think we’re going to make one way up high on a wall where the kids can only make the sounds by kicking balls up there!

    You are having entirely too much fun with the new camera, Donna!

  3. admin says:

    I’d really like to see that Tom. We have a bunch of “Aussie Rules” football loving children who would LOVE a challenge like that! 🙂 🙂

  4. michele says:


  5. jenny says:

    Hey guys, this looks great. I was thinking that the thing our banging post lacked was movement, and from the look of your photos your kids were really enjoying that as well. Oh, and I think I can hear the noise from here!

  6. Ramona Davey says:

    I love this idea and will be recommending it to my child’s preschool today!

  7. Lots of noisy, musical fun – great stuff!

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  9. Amy A says:

    Donna- How on earth did I manage to miss this? I’m so glad you posted it on FB because It is AMAZING! I love it! I linked it up to my music linky 🙂

    ::: I don’t know Amy … Maybe it’s because you are SOOO busy!!! We’re just glad you’ve seen it now and THANKS for the link up! 🙂 🙂

  10. I love that this is simple enough that I could do it tomorrow! AWESOME! (although I wonder what my hubs will think ;))

    ::: Ummm … just do it! It’ll be music to his ears Jill! 🙂 🙂

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