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::: dum-diddy-drums

Musical instruments are fairly expensive and sometimes we want plenty of the same sort so that everyone has one. When we wanted a set of drums, we asked our mums who used formula to feed their babies if we could have the empty tins with lids.


It didn’t take long before we had enough for a group of children and any adults who were with us for the session.


All we did was cover them with bright paper and they are fine for little hands. We have a few favourite pieces we play them with such as Little Drum (Feel the Beat – Kids Music Company), All of a sudden (Teddy Jumps – Kids Music Company) and before we pop them back into their storage box, we usually like to play Pass the drum please (Echo Fred – Kids Music Company).


We have to beat the drum to different tempos and speeds, then pass the drums around the circle. The music gets faster and faster and the children just love it!


It took a while to have the passing of the drums happening smoothly – we started off with a few drums, then every second person had one, until finally the whole group managed to pass them on with some sort of consistency. It was well worth persisting with.

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6 Responses to “dum-diddy-drums”

  1. This is Awesome! I love the drum game – what a great idea!

  2. admin says:

    Thank’s Deborah! The children have a ball and we use them every week.

  3. Ayn Colsh says:

    How cute! I’m all about using homemade instruments in the classroom. We, too, are collecting coffee cans, but still don’t have a full class set. We’ll have to decorate them now after seeing how wonderful yours are!

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  5. Kate says:

    My groups love “pass the drum please” too! We have made drums from cardboard cylindars that a photo developing shop were throwing away. They have rubber from an inner tube (recycled from a tyre shop) staple gunned around the top. They make a great sound.

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