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::: CD disco

Our parents held a Trivia Night recently and asked us how we would like to spend any money raised. A few years ago we jazzed up the yard but as hundreds of children have stomped their way around it since, it has been looking a bit tired!


We said we’d like to freshen things up so one of our mums, a garden designer, helped us devise a plan, and the parents got together on a Saturday afternoon and worked very hard with the result being a much more attractive outdoor area!


The inclusion of large rocks and beautiful native trees and grasses has really given the place a new look and by moving a rustic fence from one area of the yard to another we have created an additional cosy spot for the children to play.


Our new removable deck was an instant hit with the children.


Formerly just a digging patch, now a removable three piece platform sits over it (easily removed when the children want to dig) but today it was a great platform for block building!


We wanted the children to feel part of this rejuvenation process so pulled out the old timber garden brolly, some secondhand CD’s, a tub of Posca (paint) pens and let them go for it!


Both boys and girls enjoyed decorating them …


… and we were blown away at the sophistication of some of their designs!


We did a similar activity with them earlier in the year and boy, have they moved on from then!


The children are extremely proud of the end result.


So pleased in fact that they found other places for the CD’s to hang around the yard.


Someone said it looked like a disco dance!


The sunlight reflecting off the twirling CD’s throwing beautiful rainbows around the garden was absolutely magical. The children watched the ‘show’ with wide eyes and amazement!

WOW! We feel so privileged to witness the children’s wonder at new discoveries!

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    ::: Thanks Tracey! 🙂 🙂

  2. Roxy says:

    hi! i have a new idea we can take the cds and make some animal with it u know only heads i made it for my exhibition and i was first