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::: what’s missing?

Children love games they can play with each other, especially simple games which don’t require assistance from an adult.


“What’s missing” is a memory game which can be altered to suit different age groups.

Select a number of varied items, place them on a tray and have the children take a good look at what is there.  It will help if you describe each item as well as count them, so the children are clear on what, and how many items there are. Then cover the items with a cloth and have the children close their eyes while one is removed from the tray.

We like to sing this little rhyme so the children know it’s time to close their eyes

Heads down!          Eyes closed!          Nooooo peaking!

Once the item has been removed the children open their eyes to look and see what is missing.

Depending on the capabilities of the children you can add more items and work up to removing several in one go.

We find that a maximum of ten items for our kinder children is ideal but older children will soon let you know how far they want to go.

This is a great visual and memory game the children can play amongst themselves without adult help.  How wonderful!


2 Responses to “what’s missing?”

  1. Rachelle says:

    You girls are so creative!! My daughter is just reaching the age where I think she may enjoy this game. And what a fun way to build memory skills.

    ::: It’s a great little game Rachelle and you can suit it to any age. 🙂 🙂

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