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::: mud, mud glorious mud

Due to all the lovely rain we have experienced in Melbourne this week the children have had the most wonderful time playing in the soft damp, rich soil in an empty garden box in our playground. Apart from having awesome fun in the mud it has provided some much needed toiling to the soil, great preparation before we plant it out with spring flowers and vegies.




The children had the best time digging, mixing, pouring and scooping the wet and sloppy concoction of dirt, sand, tanbark, stones and herbs from our herb garden. All working together to create volume, several different projects were on the go at once.



Some children cooked up batches of stone soup and mud pies, delicious!




While others made cement to build a castle out of bricks and logs.




Another group of children created a dinosaur swamp …




… later turning it in to dinosaur stew … munchy, crunchy for my lunchy!




Working co-operatively together, the play went on all morning.




One of our dads who was helping out for the morning wasn’t too sure the parents would be overly thrilled with our mud patch fun, which as teachers we have all heard before. It’s sad, but all too often when parents say good bye to their children, they follow it up with “Have fun, I’ll see you later…. oh and try not to get dirty”. But you know what? Some of them did get dirty.  Actually some of them got really dirty!




They were having so much fun co-operating, communicating, socializing, enjoying, sharing, problem solving, discovering, laughing, experimenting, building, sampling, exercising, negotiating, imagining, believing and yes, getting a little dirty in the process.




Learning life skills in a mud patch.  How wonderfully perfect! 



Later in the morning, when the mud had dried and been washed from hands and brushed from pants and boots, we brought out the book “Wombat Stew”, a delightful story about a clever Australian dingo who catches a fat wombat he plans to cook up for his dinner. The wombat’s bush animal friends come to his rescue and sabotage the dingo’s plans by offering some very bad advice on how to make the stew more delicious. The dingo believes he has been poisoned by the terrible stew and runs away never to be seen again.




The story delighted the children and they laughed and chuckled their way through the  book as they loudly and proudly declared at the end, that their dinosaur stew was much more disgusting than the not so clever dingo’s wombat stew!

…oohey, gooey, yummy, chewy wombat dinosaur stew…

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7 Responses to “mud, mud glorious mud”

  1. Brenda says:

    Just found your website. Love it! These are amazing play ideas!

  2. Sherry says:

    Oh, lovely mud! 🙂

  3. bill sawyers says:

    Looks like there having loads of fun, find any worms?

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  5. Debi says:

    Oh, I love it! Thanks for sharing this link on my Magic Soup post. I realize I’m not the norm, but the rule in our house is “the dirtier you are, the more fun you had.”

    ::: Hee hee hee … Cheers to that Debi! 🙂 🙂

  6. Oh you make mud look like so much fun! I still cannot get Henry to touch it right now… he’s anti-mud! 🙂 I featured the brick and mud mortar in a roundup of dirty, muddy play ideas for International Mud Day.

    ::: They say it’s the quiet ones you’ve got to look out for Jamie … Just you wait Henry’s time will come. Thanks for the link, we’ll pop by and take a squiz! 🙂 🙂

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